Tuesday, December 4, 2012

SMART's Neon Crown on Billboard Seen More Than Kilometer Away

In an age where digital LED screens are beginning to become the norm for out-of-home media placements, telco giant SMART has been able to maximize the use of a medium from the early 20th century and make it work harder for the brand.  We're talking about neon here.  Quite retro in it's characteristics, neon has proven itself to be an efficient magnet for audience attention.

In this picture, the SMART neon crown atop the billboard in Guadalupe is seen from more than a kilometer away in Mandaluyong.  By Google Map estimates, the distance from where one can see the SMART neons is as far back as 1.1 kilometers!

While spectacular already in its powder blue radiance,  we await the days when the lights begin to "dance" through a flashing sequence.

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