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“Maghihintay Ako - Manuel" Billboard

 People around the area in Morayta and Recto are wondering on the billboard with captions, “Maghihintay Ako – Manuel.” A lot of them are talking about this mystery billboard, thinking Who is Manuel?. Some of them are asking if Manuel is a celebrity or a famous personality. Other questions are “Why is he waiting?” and “Who is he waiting for?.”

On the billboard, there’s additional text at the right corner, “EDSA, Shangri-la Hotel” and “May 22, 2015”. The signage looks like a wedding proposal by a very sweet guy named Manuel. The “EDSA, Shangri-la Hotel” might be the wedding venue and “May 22, 2015” will be the date of the ceremony. Is it really a wedding proposal or just an upcoming teleserye of a local channel? What do you think? 

Aside from Morayta and Recto, you can also find the same billboard in Divisoria, South Superhighway and other parts of the Metro. This is really eye-catching and interesting.

‘Wow Mali!’ billboard along EDSA confuses onlookers

MANILA, Philippines – The billboard sign for television gag show Wow Mali! along EDSA Balintawak area is causing confusion among onlookers and motorists. It looks just like any other billboard along EDSA, except it is completely upside down.
The billboard sign shows Wow Mali! host Joey de Leon with the caption “Lakas ng tama”.
Joey de Leon posted a photo of the billboard earlier on his Instagram account, saying “WOW MALI na!”

Netizens find billboard on EDSA ‘creepy’

Passers-by along EDSA-Mandaluyong are a bit  freaked out by the video clip of a “girl on a swing” currently being shown on a light-emitting diode (LED) billboard.
Netizens were able to capture the said clip and uploaded them on different social networking sites roughly two weeks ago.
Celebrity KC Montero posted on Instagram an 11-second video first showing an advertisement for Manny Pacquiao’s fight with Mayweather, then suddenly shifts to what appears to be a silhouette of a girl swinging back and forth.
Montero captioned his post with “Has anybody seen this on EDSA? Kind of creepy”.

Read more at http://www.mb.com.ph/netizens-find-billboard-on-edsa-creepy/#vDOPVLFiz3z7ikjl.99

ABS-CBN actress Maxene Magalona posted a similar video which came with the caption: “Did you see the video billboard on EDSA with a little girl on a swing? Kinda creepy don’t you think?? I wonder what that’s about?”
“Bro, does this play randomly? ‘Cause if it is, it’s creepy”, said a certain Instagram user known as @micylequizon.
Other netizens saw it as another movie or television show teaser while some say it is a public advertisement.
OOH Resource’s Lloyd Tronco said they are still “verifying and investigating” the “girl on a swing” clip.
For now, he said it could either be a “filler material inserted to use up the gaps between advertisements or a teaser for a new program for the advertised network.”
In February 2014, a controversial “Olivia, will you marry me?” billboard advertisement that dotted the metropolis  sparked the curiosity of the public. It turned out that it was  for a campaign of a real estate company.

Read more at http://www.mb.com.ph/netizens-find-billboard-on-edsa-creepy/#vDOPVLFiz3z7ikjl.99

EDSA billboard promotes gender equality, ‘all kinds of love’

Screen grab from Solenn Heussaff’s Instagram account

MANILA, Philippines—A billboard promoting gender equality and celebrating “all kinds of love” has risen along Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (Edsa) in Guadalupe, Makati City.
The billboard, which is part of the latest advertisement campaign of lifestyle brand Bench, shows magazine creative director Vince Uy holding hands with boyfriend Nino Gaddi and makeup artist Ana Paredes being hugged by girlfriend Carla Peña.
The four-part billboard also features movie icon Gloria Romero with grandson Chris Gutierrez and actress Solenn Heussaff with fiancé Nico Bolzico.
The Bench campaign has earned the admiration of netizens for its “bold” move that they said could “change the game of advertising.”
Screen grab from Mara Chua’s Facebook account
However, the hands of Uy and Gaddi in the billboard were painted over days after it had been set up, earning the ire of some netizens.
A report from Scout Magazine on Friday said that in 2011, Bench was compelled to take down its billboard featuring the Philippine Volcanoes in fitted underwear after Mandaluyong Mayor Benhur Abalos requested the billboard be dismantled, saying people deemed it “inaapropriate and offensive.”
As to how the painting over their hands happened, Uy was quoted in the story: “I do have a feeling that perhaps it was to get AdBoard to give a go signal on the materials.”
“We feel that the positive reception to the campaign shows that Filipinos are more open-minded and progressive than we’re given credit for. On the bright side, we are still happy and thankful because, holding hands or not, Bench still gave the opportunity to spread the message of acceptance, tolerance and equality of any kind of love—perhaps slowly, but definitely surely,” he added. NC

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