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The landscape of Manila has cursorily changed in recent years and the streetscape is a visible text of these changes. One factor is the growing number of advertisements along major thoroughfares which have raised concerns of proliferation and the danger that comes with them. These outdoor advertisements or commonly called billboards are becoming an inherent part of our urban living and have evolved into a big industry that is difficult to disband. This initial stage of an on-going study looks at the aspect of this type of roadside visual pollution, its existing condition and situation in EDSA, Metro Manila. EDSA Guadalupe billboards are actually the prime real estate of the outdoor advertising industry. In the consumers' mind, it is iconic to be on an EDSA Guadalupe billboard. The final stage of a future paper intends to formulate and advance a methodology of determining appropriateness of EDSA billboards. Keywords: billboards or outdoor advertising, urban landscape, streetscape, visual pollution, urban threat, out-of-home media

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